Great Food & Great Party Venues


Social functions present an opportunity to have nice people around you in a wonderful ambience. To make the picture complete, you need perfect party venues as well as fresh and tasty food and drinks. Below are dishes you can serve at your social functions.

Quality Meat Dishes

For your party, you can choose to have quality meat products such as hand-carved roast beef and oven baked chicken. This can be served with assorted Vienna rolls, tortellini pasta salad, baked potato, or tossed green salad. If you are keen on white meat, you could settle on chicken Kiev served with white and wild rice and broccoli with Hollandaise sauce. Another good alternative for meat lovers would be meat and cheese lasagna served with baked warm baguettes and tossed green salad.

Fish Dishes

grilled mackerel with tomatoFor fish lovers, you can opt to have grilled mackerel served with tomato salad and green bean, or mustard and dill salmon served with asparagus and potatoes. Another good alternative would be tuna served with chickpeas, tomatoes and broccoli, or breaded harissa cod served with lemon and red onion. Trout served with vegetables simmered in white wine, blackened fish served with mango salsa, baked fish served with raised greens-and-beans broth, and teach-poached salmon are also great fish dishes. Others are one-pan roast fish, white fish served with cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon served with beetroot Carpaccio, and smoky griddled sardines served with sweet tomato chutney.

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarians can equally enjoy their favorite dishes at social functions. They can choose to have pasta and noodles, nuts, vegetables, as well as beans and rice. They can eat barefoot mushroom lasagna, spaghetti with garlic bread and baked artichoke hearts. A cashew roast in phyllo dough and brushed with olive oil would be perfect for those who love nuts. For vegetable lovers, roasted aubergine smeared with charmoula or harissa would be excellent.


Regardless of the party venues you choose, it is important to have a wide collection of dishes for your social functions. This will ensure you accommodate the tastes of as many people as possible.