• "Buckwheat is not a cereal grain nor a grass. It is is a relative of rhubarb and sorrel and its "grain" is actually the dried fruit of the plant. However when ground it behaves much like wheat and other cereal grains"
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  • "The first breads were actually "pastes" made by Neolithic people from pulverizing wild grass seeds and sun drying them to form the first flatbreads"
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  • "Legend has it that whoever eats the last piece of bread has to kiss the cook"
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  • "Bread dates back to at least 30000 years in the annals of time and around 3 times further than the history of agriculture"
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Pura Vida, literally meaning "Pure Life" in Spanish, provides a range of pioneering, pure and richly nourishing living raw products.

Merging both taste and vitality, our dazzling raw vegan breads, chocolates, granola and dehydrated savouries are live, nutritionally - balanced and enzymatically - active, offering a formidable wheelwork of substances naturally poised to enliven your life.

Our products are available across a number of stores in London and growing and also by post across the whole of the UK from our online shop. We send everything recorded delivery.